Our Work

In less than two years, we have worked with more than 65+ brands across 5 countries to help them grow their business through Facebook & Google Advertising. Here are a few of our highlights:


Blender workspace

Mission Goal: Increase prospective member tours of NYC’s leading luxury workspace

Mission Recap:
-Cost per lead decreased by 313% thanks to extreme keyword optimization
-Leads increased by 702%
-Return on ad spend = 3.3x
-Occupancy went from 32% to 97% rapidly


Mission Goal: Drive qualified traffic and directly increase sales online for London’s luxury bondage lingerie brand

Mission Recap:
-10.5% increase in revenue within two months
-An 81% increase in site traffic due to effective ad copy leading to relevant clicks
-Average order value increased 10%
-Return on ad spend = 4.7x




Mission Goal: Drive app downloads and luggage drop offs in NYC, PHI, DC, and Boston for the only luggage and bag storage app in the states

Mission Recap:
-Increased site traffic by 262%
-A 78.44% average lift per month thanks to ongoing keyword optimization
-A 58% average sales increase month over month


Club getaway

Mission Goal: Increase bookings for the most sought after adult summer camp in the North East

Mission Recap:
-22% increase in sales as a result of our advertising
-31% decrease in bounce rate as a result of more qualified traffic
-CTR increase to 35% as a result of strong ad copy
-CPC decreased by 11% means more clicks for the same advertising budget


Modrn Sanctuary

Mission Goal: Increase bookings of Yoga Classes, Crystal Light Bed, and Salt Room sessions for NYC’s #1 alternative wellness center

Mission Recap:
-Return on ad spend = 6.4x
-283% increase in bookings
-Cost to acquire a customer decreased by 65%