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We Take A Truly Different Approach

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 How We Do It

1. Branding Kick-Off Workshop.png

Like Any Good Partner, We Get To Know You
We start with a brand identity workshop where our team gets to know your company’s brand, goals, and competitive landscape.



We Outline Your Growth Advertising Strategy
Within 7 days of our brand identity workshop, we present your starting Growth Advertising strategy including your entire funnel details, Facebook/Instagram Ad targeting, Google Ad keywords, messaging at each stage of the funnel, and more.

2. Present Strategy outline.png

3. We then present between 20 and 100 ads for your approval.png

We Create Between 20 and 100 Different Ads
Our success hinges on running multiple ads at once to see what is working and what’s not working best at all times. After we get approval on the strategy and messaging for the entire funnel, we then build out dozens of ads we want to test at each stage of the funnel.


We Always Get Your Approval Before Running Ads
We use our proprietary ad approval tool to get make sure everyone lays eyes on the ads before we make them live, ensuring there is never an ad running that was not approved by you.

4. Approval.png

5. Once approved, we get all the ads live.png

Then We Make The Ads Live Once Approved
Once all the ads are approved by you, we get them live running between 20 and 100 ads to anywhere from 10 to 20 different demographic and keyword ad groups.


At This Point You Get Access To Your Performance Dashboard
We build each client a completely custom automated dashboard that updates every hours and can be access from any device which shows all the relevant stats, KPIs, and data you could ever wanna know.

6. Build you a custom dashboard you can review performance on 24:7.png

7. We monitor performance daily and optimize when needed.png

Our Team Monitors Performance Daily
We are hands on every day inside the ad platforms checking performance and making small strategy shifts behind the curtains to ensure optimal performance.

8. We meet with you every two weeks to review performance and get your approval on bigger startegy changes.png

We Meet Every Two Weeks
You will have a standing meeting scheduled every two weeks with your Account Manager & Strategist where we assess overall performance, discuss larger strategy changes, and review any new ads we want to get live.


We Handwrite Reports Weekly & Monthly
We take great pride in our completely handwritten reports that are easy to read and articulate complex strategy details in layman’s terms.

9. We handwrite weekly and monthly reports that are easy to understand.png


We Always Stick To Our Secret Formula
On Facebook, we create a four step funnel which runs dozens of ads to multiple groups inside each of the four steps to see which tagline, picture, and video, are resonating best with which group. On Google, we use hyper relevant and low volume keywords to maxamize your budget and ensure you unrest getting into any useless bidding wars with the competition.


All Of This For One Flat Monthly Fee
We charge a flat monthly fee to everyone regardless of your advertising budget so you are never nickel and dimed for an extra ad or landing page or meeting. Not to mention you never have to worry about getting the attention you deserve since everyone pays us the same flat retainer. Our goal is to keep you around long term, not push you to spend more money every month so we can make a few extra bucks.

10. All of this for one flat monthly fee regardless of spend.png

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