The Process

After some testing of various marketing and advertising platforms, techniques and strategies, it became clear that Facebook and Google advertising was extremely underpriced and gave us the opportunity to generate real Return on Investment. So, over two years we tested hundreds of different strategies, features and creative on the Facebook and Google Advertising platforms.

What we came up with is a process we call Growth Advertising. Whereas traditional advertising starts and stops with a campaign, Growth Advertising is a never ending process that continually develops, runs, tests and improves Facebook/Instagram and Google advertisements engineered to accomplish one single goal: directly growing a company’s bottom line revenue.

It turns out Growth Advertising consistently delivers 4X ROI/ROAS for companies across virtually every industry.

Growth Advertising

We invented Growth Advertising. After a couple years of trying dozens of advertising platforms, techniques and systems, we found a recipe for consistently generating 4X ROI for companies in just about any industry. You see, all other agencies start running campaigns and then stop running the campaigns. We never stop running. Here is how it works:

RGB Final-01.jpg

* 4X is an average across multiple clients
* This is the general process. Our strategy will vary depending on industry, platform, and budget