Growth Advertising 2

What Is Growth Advertising?

Growth Advertising is a process developed by Hell’s Creative that uses Facebook’s, Instagram’s, and Google’s advertising platforms to drive top line growth for companies. Where as traditional advertising starts and stops with a campaign, Growth Advertising is a never ending process that continually develops, runs, tests, and improves digital advertisements engineered to accomplish one single goal: directly impact a company’s top line revenue.

In lameness terms: by continually testing different photos, videos, taglines, and audiences, Growth Advertising outperforms all other types of advertising and provides consistent top line growth.

How Does Growth Advertising Consistently Deliver 4x ROAS?

So let’s take the lameness explanation a step further. By comparing Growth Advertising to traditional advertising, we very clearly understand why continually developing, running, testing, and improving digital advertisements leads to a higher ROAS or Return on Advertising Spend.

Traditional advertising, even traditional digital advertising, falls short of Growth Advertising because they spend more time conceptualizing the campaign than optimizing the campaign after they get some data. It typically works like this: in-house advertising teams or outside agencies will spend hours conceptualizing many ideas. Then they will pitch the key decision maker (most often the CMO or CEO) that person chooses the one they like best. The big pitfall is that what the key decision maker likes best is often not what their target audience will like best or more importantly, not what will actually drive the most amount of sales.

With Growth Advertising’s process of continuously developing, running, testing, and improving advertising, Hell’s Creative is able to consistently generate 4X ad spend.

How Much Does It Cost?


Thanks to countless hours practicing Growth Advertising with dozens of companies, we have figured out a way to offer Growth Advertising services at a fraction of what mega agencies charge.

For a flat monthly fee the price of a summer intern, companies of just about any share and size can work with Hell’s Creative to growth their bottom line.