Growth Advertising

The History Of Hell’s Creative

In the fall of 2016, it became clear the advertising and marketing agency business was broken. Agencies were selling impressions, website traffic, Instagram followers, Facebook likes and lazy content. We knew these agencies wouldn’t last more than a few years because they wouldn’t actually help companies make more money.

So we set out to create a new kind of agency. One that clearly proved it’s value by directly impacting sales and a company’s bottom line. Enter Growth Advertising…

The Birth Of Growth Advertising

One year in, Hell’s Creative had 27 clients on retainer and offered handful of growth services that were impacting our client’s bottom line. It was a after a few weeks of little sleep and the prospect of signing up more clients that we paused to asses the health of Hell’s Creative and where we were going next. What we realized was out of the 17 services we offered, only two were actually do the driving for our clients’ growth and when we analyzed why that was it was clear:

  1. We had developed our own perfected process utilizing these advertising platforms that produced unmatched results

  2. We had a clear way of prove that our clients were making more money from our campaigns than they were spending them so we were worth keeping around

  3. If we wrote down our process and grew a team, we could build an agency that directly impacts the bottom line of hundreds of companies

So we decided from that moment on that we would not only just offer those two services but we would write down our process, brand it, and roll out it too companies around the world.

What Is Growth Advertising?